"The Professional Training Plan for Future Cancer Medicine" started in FY2017 under "The Cancer Professional Training Plan to meet various emerging needs"

Two educational programs/courses are available in the Graduate School of Health Management:

1.Master's Course: Nurse Specialist Course supporting cancer genomic medicine

This course aims to foster nurse specialists understanding the significance of cancer genomic information, undertaking educational role for patients and nurses regarding individualized medicine like medications of molecular target drug and immune inhibitor checkpoint, supporting decision-making for best treatment and care for the patients and their families with inherited neoplastic due to germline genetic variant, having power to stabilize patients' mind and body, and demonstrating inter-professional leadership in cancer genomic medicine.

2.Doctor's Course: Study Course for cancer care depending on each patient's stage in life

To facilitate cancer control depending on each patient's stage in life, this course aims to foster nursing researchers who can deepen understanding of professional nursing on various stage in life, and of patients and their families with inherited neoplastic for whom cancer control is necessary through their lives, design and manage nursing intervention on decision-making support, treatment adherence, and self-care ability improvement, collaborate with various medical professionals, facilitate cancer care studies depending on each stage in life, and instill outcomes in clinical practice.